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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The day before the big reveal

My first blog post. I should have started this long ago! We at WBGL have made an official offer on a building, that offer has been accepted, and we are now in the "dot the I and cross the T" season. Lots of inspections, lawyers doing what lawyers do, and the rest of the stuff involved in a major purchase. It will be a season or so before we snap the picture of the keys being handed off, but this is a major step in our 3 year adventure of finding or building a building. I will do my best to post at the very least weekly, and at the very most, daily to let you enjoy the journey along with all of us here at Family Friendly WBGL. If there's no joy in the journey, you might as well stay put, right?

WBGL Station Manager

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