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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

E-mail takes on a whole new meaning

You know what it's like when your waiting for good news? You're just slightly more attune to your surroundings. You sense things are happening, moving, increasing when, more than likely, they are not. I forget sometimes the rest of the world sleeps like I do.
I can now check my e-mail from my phone, so right after my morning shower, I check for any updates. Several blogs I'm following have been updated. I'll read them later. A couple of very clever junk mail pieces have made it through my filters. Delete. No building news. No news is good news? Not when you need news to move forward. I guess my prayer for today needs to be, "Lord, let me enjoy the journey. Do in me what You do best, Lord. My attention is on you. Not the building, not the Fall fund raiser, but on You. Thank you Lord, for this amazing journey!


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