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Monday, October 26, 2009

The day befpore the day before.

So, we are now 2 days away from Vision, our Fall fundraiser. It's the fundraiser designed to finish off the building campaign. It's so humbling to say that even before we start, 15% of the money needed to finish the building has already been pledged. Only 85% to go. WOW!
A couple of prayer requests.
HEALTH. We all need it, but in our current confining quarters, if one person gets sick, it often gets "shared" with others around them.
TECHNICAL PROTECTION. We depend on our computers so much during Vision, so pray they are ready for the task at hand.
IN KIND GIVING. As you can imagine, there are lots of items for the new building that can be donated by friends in the industry. A New Roof, Carpeting, Building Materials just to name a few. If you would like some more information on giving these items, give me a call at 217-840-1853. If you want to give towards our new building, you can do so right here. for supporting Family Friendly, WBGL.

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