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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vision is becoming clear

God is moving at WBGL. He's doing things in ways only He can.

One part of our new building that will need attention is a new roof on the office part of the building. I mentioned that on the air this morning and got a call from Brett Adkisson. He "just happened" to be listening, owns a construction company, and felt his group of guys were suppose to be the ones who put the new roof on, at no charge to us. Wait, it gets better. He said the guy who got him listening to WBGL was the guy he buys shingles from and he called him to get us the best deal possible. This story is still unravelling, so I'll keep you posted.
Now if only we had someone who could donate their painting services and some new floor covering. What does the bible say? "You have not, because you ask not" It's in James. So, I'll be sure to ask!!!

What an incredible journey!!


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