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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Rainy Days and Thursdays

The rain reminds me of something we found out about the new building from the inspection. The roof is in need of repair. The portion over the offices has a beautiful shake wood roof that is 20 plus years old, or as the inspection states, about at the end of it's life. I thought about that as I was changing a light bulb in our current building. Once we are owners instead of renters, there's lots of things that we will no longer call a landlord about. It will be up to us to fix, when things break down. I would appreciate your prayers that nothing breaks down... for at least the first year.

Does God care about prayers like that? I believe He does. Anything that opens up the lines of communication between Father and son, (or daughter) is welcome dialogue. Think about it with your own family. My son Micah was recently sick with a fever of 102.9. In his delirium, he said, repeatedly, "I Love You, dad". I will never get tired of hearing that. Talk to God today. He loves what you have to say.


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